Mile High Sand Nationals
Mile High Sand Nationals
  • No Shoes, No Singlet, No Problem

    Spirited & Fun Competition 1

    Sand wrestling is similar to other styles of wrestling and is  meant to promote fun competition and promotion of the sport. There is no referee's or par tare position! All points are scored from the feet with takedowns, danger exposure, and push outs.  

    Laid Back Atmosphere !

    Sand / Beach Wrestling is a sanctioned style of wrestling by United World Wrestling and USA Wrestling. You will compete in a 15-20  foot diameter circle on soft sand! Relax in the sun, kids can play in the sad, hang loose at  The Island Lounge with other competitors.     

    All Ages & Genders !

    The Mile High Sand Nationals is open to wrestlers from 1st grade through adults. Parents can compete along with their favorite youth wrestlers! There is a girls only division as well and girls can double-bracket across divisions. 

    Registration Opens May 3rd, 2019

    Date: August 3rd, 2019

    The Island

    2233 South Geneva Street, Denver, Colorado 80247, United States